Emicool starts testing its Command Control Centre, controls plants remotely

Emirates District Cooling (Emicool) LLC, a leading district cooling service provider in the region and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dubai Investments, has commenced testing its Command Control Centre (CCC), which provides operations and performance data from all its district cooling plants. The company also started testing its unmanned machinery space (UMS) — associated with artificial intelligence SMART Systems — which came in handy due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19.

This initiative is part of Emicool ’s plans to apply digital transformation to its operations and the advanced technology is designed to play a role in creating a sustainable economy in the UAE.
The new Command Control Centre (CCC) will draw data from points across Emicool — ranging from upstream to the downstream distribution network — visualizing it on a state-of-the-art video wall and providing a single access point to Emicool’s plants and network performance. Moreover, the centre will grant decision-makers, operations performance indicators and track them against agreed production and strategic targets.

In his comments on the launch of the Command Control Centre (CCC) testing, Dr Adib Moubadder, CEO of Emicool, said: “The testing phase of the centre represents a proud moment for us as it cements Emicool’s position as a company that is steadily progressing towards digital transformation by using advanced technology to support its operations and enhance its performance. The centre will help Emicool become more agile, efficient, and responsive by unlocking production capacity, maximizing downstream value, and adapting to shifting market dynamics, while reliably meeting changing customer needs.”

With 18 district cooling plants across Dubai and a total operating capacity of 355,000 TR, Emicool will start testing other plants soon, making it one of the first district cooling companies in the region to do so.